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The skin is our biggest organ, it is porous and will absorb anything it comes into contact.  Conventional cotton plants are laden with heavy pesticides, herbicides and grown with petroleum based fertilizers and other toxins. Scraps of conventional fabric are treated as biohazardous waste.  Today, allergic reactions to these chemicals are more common, they cause damage to our bodies and disrupt natural hormone production.  Choosing organic is much more than simple peace of mind. 


John Addison Jeans are hand crafted in small batches. Our environmental impact is something we take seriously. As we borrow our materials from the Earth, we take pride in knowing our products are organic and biodegradable. John Addison creates premium, everyday staple pieces, built to last, minimizing excess spending on fast fashion, and disposable clothing. We love the versatility of denim, it is classic and timeless. Our packaging is minimal, recyclable and reusable.


As friends, neighbours, mentors and parents, we are obliged to leave the future generations a habitable Earth - flourishing in plant and animal species, each playing a significant roll in the balance of life. We are all accountable for our actions, and responsible for making necessary changes. This is the idea behind every decision we make at John Addison. We need options, organic and chemical-free, we need reusable and long-lasting, we need sustainable and responsible. Pure and simple, the world needs options.

Wild Flowers

John Addison donates to charitable causes all over the globe in hopes to help those who are desperately trying to clean up the planet, and preserve this beautiful life. We can all help clean up the Earth - one handful at a time. As consumers, we hold power with every dollar we spend. We are accountable for our actions, and responsible for the only Earth we have.


Home to the Canadian Tuxedo, denim hand crafted in Canada just feels right. Its durability and strength is designed to withstand all weather - rain in Vancouver, hail in Toronto, or snow in Winnipeg, John Addison's 14.5 oz dry denim has you covered. Work, street, and every day wear designed for the elements, practical and versatile. Laid-back and easy-going, John Addison proudly exudes Canadian vibes. 

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