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Dry Denim



We take great pride in the construction of our jeans, carefully hand-crafted in Canada with great attention to detail. Our premium denim is quality, versatile and non-binary. Created with organic cotton fibres, and dyed with organic natural indigo, our denim has minimal impact on the Earth. Raw and untreated, John Addison Jeans are classic, and durable, made to endure years of  heavy wear.


John Addison Jeans are untreated, unwashed, dry indigo denim. Designed to be severely worn-in and worn-out, this denim will form natural ridges overtime, sculpting to the body. Folds, fades and creases are unique to each body, making the jeans feel like a second skin. Every pair tells a story, unique to the person that wears them - work, play, and everything in between. These jeans are made to be loved.


The deep, dark, natural indigo colour of this denim is versatile from day to night, and can be easily be styled up or down. John Addison  currently offers three denim styles, encouraging comfort and fit unique to each individual. Our gender-neutral options break down barriers and expectations of gender-specific clothing, allowing individuals to truly create their own image and personal style.


We recommend wearing dry denim for a minimum of six months before the initial wash. This allows the indigo to stress, creating fade lines, creases and folds. Dye bleeding will occur with the first few washes. Rough them up for more intense fades - roll around in the sand, jump into the ocean, wear in the bathtub, to help increase the worn-in effect. Hand wash with mild detergent and gentle agitation. OR Machine wash cold, inside-out on delicate cycle. Use mild detergent and lay flat or hang to dry.  

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