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Attention to Detail


John-Addison is dedicated to living, and promoting an organic, sustainable, and fair trade lifestyle. We believe in pesticide and chemical free products.

John-Addison is a hybrid of the highest quality materials, and simple design. Meeting ethical standards that benefit the customer, and the environment. Sourcing fabrics from all over the globe, John-Addison will only use the highest quality organic, and fair trade materials. All our products are hand crafted, creating timeless pieces, from a minimalist point of view.

We believe in simply living, in mind, in body, and in spirit. Making conscious choices about the products we buy, and how they affect not only our bodies, but our world.  Meet Kayleen and Rory, the passionate husband and wife duo behind John- Addison. Both born in British Columbia, Canada, both having near a decade worth of experience, working internationally in the fashion, music, and entertainment industries. Having an extensive body of work, collaborating with countless designers, brands, both in front, and behind the lens.