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April 13, 2018

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February 15, 2018

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10 Organic Denim Brands To Look Our For

April 19, 2018




Nike admits that non-organic cotton is a bad thing.  Say what?  Nike?  Really?  You know people are listening when Nike starts talking about organic cotton.  Hannah Jones, vice-president for sustainable business and innovation for Nike openly said in an interview with The Sunday Times "‘Organic cotton is definitely better than non-organic,’  And she’s right.  The pesticides, the insecticides, the agricultural chemicals needed for conventional cotton are showered with ridiculous amount of clean water that wash all that bio-hazardous waste sludge down the tubes and into our water table.  It is no secret, conventional cotton has an enormous environmental footprint.


So lets talk numbers.  In the UK, on average, each person owns about seven pairs of jeans.  What does that mean?  That is around 432,543,900 pairs of jeans in the UK alone.  Now if you take manufacturing into account, the denim industry on average produces around 915lbs of carbon dioxide during the average life span of a pair of jeans.  That's a bit above over average if you ask me.


So, what can we do to protect ourselves, and the only loving, nurturing planet we will ever known?  It's actually pretty simple, shop organic.  Cause the more you buy, the higher the demand.  The higher the demand, the more supply.  The more supply, the cleaner the water, the soil, the air, the fabric, the world. 


Did you know that conventional cotton uses 25% of the worlds agricultural chemicals to treat and fertilize the land?  Chemicals made from non-renewable petroleum products, and other man made chemicals.  Chemicals that do not biodegrade which is absolutly necessary in order to perpetuate healthy, fertile soil.  Choosing organic denim you can start to make a difference, not only for the planet, but for a improving your health overall.




These guys are one of the first to open up the doors to organic denim.  Every product is made from ethically sourced cotton.  In April 2012, Nudies launched a label called 'This Blue is Green' where everything is made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton or recycled fabrics.  Find out more: www.nudiejeans.com






John Addison Jeans Co.

Made in Canada, John Addison Jeans specializes in ready-to-wear hand-made organic Japanese selvedge denim.  You can describe this petite fashion house as modern contemporary minimalism for its clean-cut twists on classics.  It's influential appeal has always defied neat description.  You can pick up a pair of 'Franklin' jeans for about $175CDN.  They have a wonderful customer satisfaction guarantee, with exceptional customer service.  A portion of all proceeds are donated charity.  Find out more: www.johnaddisonjeans.com




Specializing in relaxing everyday wear, this Danish label uses organic denim to create the perfect lounging around your life wear you have ever experienced.  Try their Sachy relaxed cut blue denim weighing in at about $154CDN.  These guys have also teamed up with an organization that goes by the name MADE-BY which works to improve sustainability and working conditions in their very own supply chain.  Find out more: www.jackpot.dk





Created for comfort and made to last, these jeans are designed for functionality.   This simple minded company does not follow trends by creating simple, functional pieces.  Pick up a pair of straight cut Hollie jeans for about $135CDN and they will donate 1% to grassroots environmental charities.  They also have a line that uses 100% hemp.  Find out more: www.howies.co.uk






Not everything these guys create is organic but their denim most certainly is.  You can pick up a pair of their very own "Boy Jeans" for about $161CDN.  This style of denim has a nice relaxed, chic esthetic.  Can very well be dressed up, or dressed down for a very versatile piece that can be added to your wardrobe.  These guys have a great ethical policy that included biodegradable packaging,  a company-wide recycling scheme and a fair and safe employment policy. Find out more: www.toast.co.uk





Muji is hard not to like.  Simple, classic, timeless pieces for your wardrobe and house ware.  These guys have their hands in many projects.  This classic Japanese brand has recently done a complete environmental overhaul.  You can no pick up a great pair of organic denim for a fair $70CDN.  Find out more: www.muji.com/ca






Monkee Genes

Based in Derbyshire, Monkee Genes are one of the Eco-friendliest fashion companies around.  They are considered to be 100% organic, and have a great anti-sweatshop policy across their entire range.  Their collections are fresh, and edgy.  They have some great fits available to you from skinny, supa skinny, and flared.  For about  $109CDN you can pick up a great pair of unisex skinny jeans that you won't regret. Find out more: www.monkeegenes.com





Camilla Norrback

Coming out of Sweden, we have our next top tier designer.  Camilla Norrback is green to the core and specialises in wearable pieces with a quirky edge.  To see what I'm talking about, check out her flared, high waist jeans that clock in at about $199CDN.  Find out more: www.camillanorrback.com







Australian Label Elsom, launched in 2006 and is focused on sustainable practice. They work closely with sustainable organic cotton farmers in India and all of their denim is chemical free. Their denim options are limited but good.  Less is more, right?  For about $253CDN you can pick up a pair of their light grey skinny jeans.  They look great with flats, and are a classic closet staple.  Find out more: www.elsom.com.au






Created by the wife of famous U2 front man Bono, Ali Hewson has set out to create African inspired pieces made by individual artisans.  Sustainable sourcing, Fairtrade ethos and emphasis on local economic opportunities. Check out the patchwork skinny jeans, weighing in

 at about $293CDN.  They are pretty rad.  Find out more: www.edun.com





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