Originally created in Tokyo, Japan, John Addison is inspired by Japanese minimalism. Clean lines, quality construction, premium materials and the beauty of simplicity is what makes John Addison timeless. Hand made in Canada with organically-grown Japanese selvedge denim. Our attention to detail, quality and craftsmanship, simply sets us apart. 

Kayleen Franklin & Rory Stewart - with our background in fashion design, photography, modelling, production, and our love for denim, we created John Addison. Experience in the Fashion Industry for over a decade has taught us to embrace challenges, and thrive as a collaborative. Based in Canada with a growing family, we continue to practice those same values everyday.

John Addison is a family name, passed down through generations. The name embodies the old fashioned concept that life is simple. Quality over quantity, less is more, and natural is best. John Addison reminds us to self-reflect, and stick to our roots. Lastly - remember that organic is always an option.

The John Addison Apothecary line is our organic and chemical-free alternative for those with sensitive skin. Today, many household and cosmetic products contain harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals. Our Apothecary line is chemical-free, organic and clean. Enhanced with pure and organic essential oils, John Addison products nurture the body.  Click here to visit out sister site. 


By choosing organically-grown cotton and other natural fibres, we use far less water than conventional crops. Organic crops are grown without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified seeds. That means clean crops, clean soil, and water. At John Addison, our premium denim is made with all natural organic fibres which are entirely biodegradable. We like to think that we borrow our materials from the Earth. By choosing organic

cotton, we are consciously putting our planets needs

ahead of our own.

 Japanese selvedge denim made in Canada

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